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Anti flavor or pro flavor? It’s all about freshness

I have been reading a bit about the anti-flavor elite, referring to a tweet by Robert Parker dismissing people who are not particular fans of big wines, specifically wines from Australia. The great critic also has used the words ‘pleasure police’ to describe people who do not share his point of view when it comes […]


Bordeaux 09 in the US: best buys and potential 100 point wines sell, but far less volume than in 2005

By Panos Kakaviatos In two tweets this week, the influential American wine critic Robert Parker said ‘the Bordelais are indeed killing the golden goose’ and ‘the ridiculous and painfully slow release of prices for the 2009s is both stupid and arrogant, moreover… expect sticker shock… dumb and dumber.’ Amidst mounting criticism that Bordeaux 2009 prices […]

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