In praise of Aaron Nix-Gomez and his blog Hogshead

I met Aaron in Washington D.C. last month and he came to a couple of tastings I had organised: a Bouchard Père & Fils 2010 horizontal and a double vertical of Langoa and Léoville Barton.

Aaron Nix-Gomez

His blog pays special attention to the history, imagery, and tasting of wine. You can find many posts about the history of wine and winemaking, which makes it particularly interesting. I also find his style of posting very appealing, as you can see in the examples taken from the above tastings:

Bouchard Père & Fils 2010 horiztonal

Château Léoville Barton and Langoa Barton double vertical

Aaron’s posts extend beyond simple tasting notes and producer profiles in an attempt to appeal to a broad audience, and I think he does an excellent job of doing that. The rich history of wine is told through the history of art, numismatics, archaeology, history of medicine, and personal travel experiences.

A welcome addition to the wine blogosphere.

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