Wining and dining first class with Lufthansa

Many many thanks to Rolf Rehm, pilot with Lufthansa, for allowing me to film on one my regularly scheduled flights back home to Washington D.C. for the holidays. Rolf and his wife Claudia often attend wine tastings I organise in Germany and, because he is a pilot, they sometimes come all the way to the U.S. when I organise events here at home.

The food and service were first class – as you can see in this video. As for the wines, I think that Chateau Belgrave Haut Medoc 2004 is drinking well today, although still a bit too young. But it paired very well with the roast goose and red cabbage with potato dumplings. The lobster medallion tart, rabbit filet crepe and esgargot soup as appetizers were also particularly delicious, washed down with Louis de Sacy Grand Cru Brut Champagne.

Here the video:

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  1. Howard Cooper says:

    Living large I see.

  2. Dan Hammer says:

    You’re such a rookie. :>)
    I love it when anyone experiences the ‘fun’ of sitting in first on an international flight.

  3. pkakaviatos says:

    Well, it sure beats economy….

  4. Here are the wines in business class, same flight, a year ago. Cheers. Christian

  5. Ulrik says:

    When I flew Singapore Airlines First a year ago, they served Krug and DP 00, for Champagne, and Cos Estournel 2004 among otbers for reds…..

  6. pkakaviatos says:

    Now that is an amazing line up you enjoyed! I bet the Krug was better than the DP, although the DP 2000 is very very good stuff. I think the most fun for me was not so much the wines but just being up there in first class… it was not crowded at all, and so much more comfortable than economy to be sure.

  7. Claudia Rehm says:

    I`m glad, that you had such an enjoyable experience on board, your video shows how much fun you had. There is definitely “no better way to fly” 😉
    My personal favourite especially with the outstanding LH-Caviar Service (I hope you didn`t miss that…)is the 2000 Laurent-Perrier Millesime – delicious!

  8. Nong says:

    i would love to see more blogs like yours…

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