Three Burgundy videos: talks with the vignerons!

Here in this video section, you can hear directly from the vignerons what they expect from 2008 and 2009, 2010 in barrel and the coming 2011 harvest – as of early June 2011, the harvest is almost a full month in advance, which means harvesting could begin as early as August! The comparison with 2003 is not correct however, because the precocious nature of 2011 came not from a torrid summer, but from a very dry and hot Spring. No one knows as of this writing, what the summer will bring!

At Paul Pernot, in Puligny Montrachet, where owner Paul Pernot explains why the 2008 whites will outlast the charming and easy to appreciate 2009s. Full tasting notes here:


In this next video, we appreciate the challenges of tasting barrel samples in May. Virginie Taupenot Daniel, co-owner of the fine estate Taupenot-Merme in Morey St Denis, explains why. Incidentally, the 2009s we had were marvelous. Full notes here:

Finally, a video of Marie-Christine Mugneret at Domaine Mugneret-Gibourg in Vosne Romanee. The 2009s here were among the very best I have ever tried so far, particularly a sublime Echezeaux. In this video, Marie-Christine explains why 2011 is a precocious vintage so far and other great stuff. Full tasting notes here: 

Remember to read my tasting notes!

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